Does The Psychology Behind Home Staging Really Work? It Sure Does. Read Here to Find Out Why Home Staging Works, And How You Can Implement It In Your Own House

80c7556698d57b3bd45558e6f12f286fDecorators specialize in creating a psychological impact on a buyer based on aesthetics. This allows the buyer to be able to imaging themselves living in the home, rather than seeing the current owner’s personality in the home. In fact, one of the largest mistakes a seller can make is as simple as not removing personal belongings such as family photographs, pet items, and toiletries in the bathroom. Home stagers specialize in creating a neutral atmosphere. Read More.

Focus on clearing out excess clothing in the closets, removing kitchen items off of the cabinets, hiding personal items in places such as the bathroom or nightstand, and the putting away of pet or children’s toys. While this can be a nuisance to a seller, especially when they are still living in the home, it will make all the difference. It also will make it easier on you when you have to move, as you will be partially packed away! For more information check here.

Many sellers wonder what rooms to focus on when it comes to staging and de-cluttering; the short answer is every one of them. Generally, this is not always possible, especially since staging all rooms can be quite expensive when hiring a professional stager. Don’t forget, that decorators are not necessarily expensive; there are many out there that focus on clients who have smaller budgets. Find out more here.

If the seller cannot focus on every room, the necessary ones are the entryway, kitchen, living room, master bedroom, and family room. Keep in mind, that the entryway is one of the most important areas to invest in. The yard and entryway can be considered as the “first impressions” of the home, and first impressions are extremely important in selling a home, as well as in many aspects of life in general. 60 Gorgeous Master Bedroom Designs @styleestate

Buyers want to see how much storage a home has. This is another reason why it is so important to go ahead and de-clutter medicine cabinets, closets, kitchen cabinets, the laundry room, and storage closets (and an attic if you have one).

The flooring throughout your home is also another area that you need to consider. If you have stained carpet, have it professionally cleaned. If the floors are scratched, try touching them up, or finding methods to remove light scratches, or stains. Some flooring materials can be buffed to undo wear.

Another great tip is to set the dining table. Put out your nice china, silverware, napkin linens, and candlesticks if you have them. This is another way that the buyer can see themselves living in the home, as it makes the space more inviting. Many homeowners love to entertain, and setting this atmosphere will make a big difference. image129_thumb

Don’t forget to add fresh flowers throughout the home. Choose the color according to the design of the room. If it is a very classic, traditional room, sunflowers are obviously are not a good choice. Remember to replace the flowers as your home is being shown, as it will have a counter effect if the flowers are wilted and dying, with dirty water.

If you are lucky enough to have a fireplace in your home, consider lighting it if you are selling during the winter months. Nothing gives off a cozier feeling than a warm fireplace, fresh flowers, and candles. Be sure that the candles are a light scent, as you do not want the smell to be overpowering.

Be sure to let light come into the home. If the home is being shown during the day, open blinds and curtains, as this will create a ‘happy’ effect, as well as make the rooms appear larger. If you are showing the home at night, consider turning on all lamps and leaving the overhead lights off, as this will create a calming effect. Just be sure the home doesn’t look like a cave, and use common sense when determining how much or how little lighting there is. image89_thumb1

Be sure to perform any small touch-ups that the home needs. If the front doorknob is shaky, replace it. When there are many touchups that need to be done, the buyer takes into account the things they will need to fix. Again, it also shows that the home was not maintained well, as you didn’t take the time to fix small, easily fixed areas.

If you cannot afford a home stager, consider hiring one to come in to do a consultation. They will usually charge them by the hour, and it is worth it to pay someone for 2 hours to give you great advice that you can take notes on, and complete what you can on your own. When it comes to staging and advice on how to decorate, the internet can be your best friend!

2 thoughts on “Does The Psychology Behind Home Staging Really Work? It Sure Does. Read Here to Find Out Why Home Staging Works, And How You Can Implement It In Your Own House

  1. Bridget

    Is it really that necessary to clean out the cabinets in the kitchen and the bathrooms? I would think that buyers would expect to see the sellers things since they know that the owner likely is still occupying the home?

  2. Richard Garcia

    Hi Bridget,

    It really is necessary. Yes, buyers are aware that you are still living there, but I can promise that they will appreciate that you took the time to clear them all out, as they know it is a nuisance. And, even if they don’t appreciate it, it will help you sell your home. Buyers must see how much storage the home has, especially the kitchen and bathroom, as they are generally the most frequently used rooms in the home.


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