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Real Estate Coaching Program

When you’re just getting started with a new venture, especially those that revolve around professional investments such as real estate, you tend to commit a great deal of mistakes.

Most people who develop an interest in real estate investment end up looping from one mistake to yet another for many years, even after devouring tons of ebooks, videos, and training courses on the subject.

What is the missing link preventing most wannabe real estate investors from achieving financial freedom with real estate investments? Why do some folks achieve massive financial success whereas others see not even an iota of success?

Reasons Why Ebooks And Courses Simply Serve To Confuse You

Some weariless investors have been able to get started on their own and make lots of money, but they are the exception. When you find yourself failing constantly, what you need is a real estate mentor.

E-books and training courses drag you in various directions, but a real estate mentor sets you on the right course to success. You gain extensive information from their expertise, and through their coaching, you are able to focus on a single goal at a time, which is paramount to success.

They can also recognize mistakes you’ve neglected and guide you on what to do instead. It’s like they’re an instructor, holding your hand and telling you exactly what to carry out. With that kind of help, your chances of success increase significantly.

The Only Real Estate Mentoring Program I Endorse

You’ll discover many real estate mentoring programs online, all with similar claims of helping you turn into a six-figure realtor in as little time as possible.

All of these programs are clearly expensive, so choosing the best one is of vital importance. Choose the bad one and you’ll probably end up regretting wasting time and money you simply cannot ever recover.

I’m a successful real estate professional, and I got my training from my coach, Phil Pustejovsky. Phil Pustejovsky owns the Freedom Mentor Apprentice Program – a program that shows you the ropes on how to accomplish financial freedom in real estate.

The Freedom Mentor coaching program is not really a program you can simply buy whenever you want. You need to put in an application first, and you’ll only gain access to the program if your application is approved.

The actual fact that Phil Pustejovsky evaluates applications goes to show how much he wants you to be successful. He’ll solely take coachable, action-oriented, and optimistic applicants.

Phil was once an amateur as well. He began from an all-time low and only began to attain success right after he met his coach, Tom.

Ever since, he has been able to close tens of millions of dollars worth of transactions while netting millions of dollars in profits during the process.

If you think Phil’s knowledge will have a positive impact on your real estate venture, then you need to give undivided focus to the next paragraphs as I explain his Freedom Mentor program in even more detail.

Why Freedom Mentor?

Through signing up to the Freedom Mentor coaching program, you’ll gain access to premium tools and resources to assist you close your very first real estate deal.

These include access to a lender list, an instruction/lead-generating program to aid you get deals quicker, and a customized investing plan.

That’s not everything, though. You’ll also receive 3 real-time coaching calls monthly with Freedom Mentor’s coaches, 2 conference calls weekly, and the ability to ask questions as well as immediately obtain answers from the mentors by means of an instant messaging platform.

There are two really good attributes of the mentoring program that allow it stand out from the competition. The first feature is the range of helpful mentors and coaches it includes.

You won’t have access to just Phil Pustejovsky’s mentoring as soon as you become a registered member. Freedom Mentor is composed of a team of mentors and coaches personally taught and mentored by Phil.

These are the coaches you’ll be receiving help from. You’ll have access to a consolidated pool of knowledge and experience from many of the best coaches in the field.

The second attribute that makes this program so impressively good at helping aspiring realtors achieve success is its 50/50 split.

This essentially implies Phil shares all of his valuable real estate tricks with you, and you share 50% of the profits from your first couple of deals with him.

When you’ve finalized your first few deals, you may then carry on to become an independent property investor, armed with all of the knowledge you’ve obtained from the mentorship program.

If you possess a talent for teaching or mentoring, you could even set up your own mentoring program and show your students the steps needed for success exactly like Phil does.

Some of Phil’s previous apprentices are currently running their own mentoring programs after becoming successful real estate investors.

Note: I know the program offering improvements every now and then as they continue to fine-tune it and improve it. However, this is current as of this writing.

Summary – Action Takers Wanted

The Freedom Mentor coaching program is tailored towards folks who are 100% committed to becoming successful real estate investors. If you aren’t prepared to treat real estate investing just like a business, this specific program may not be for you.

The tools, resources, and mentoring provided in the program are more than enough to set you on the best path to financial freedom.

Considering that you’re sharing your first few returns with Phil, it’s in his benefit to help you succeed, and you have as much determination to do just that. It’s a mutually advantageous arrangement, so you almost can’t go wrong if you put in the energy and time to make this work.

Overall, the Freedom Mentor program is the best way to get started in real estate investing. You’re getting all the support you need from a veteran in the business. There’s truly nothing else you need to have to make your real estate ambitions come true.

A Few Checks To Make Before Home Buying

Buying a house is supposed to be a fun and exciting time. The problem, however, is that because we want to buy a home so badly, we sometimes don’t see the flaws the property has. Yes, some properties seem to just call to us, but if they have certain issues, you should still walk away. Let’s take a look at a few of these red flags.

First and foremost, think hard before you buy a “fixer up.” Many people are interested in these properties because the price is so low. Most of us think that the things that do need to get fixed up are things we can mostly do ourselves. In reality, however, they are often things that must be done by qualified professionals. The fees of these professionals may be much higher than you had expected. Next, properties that have had DIY repairs can also be a red flag. People may have done a really good job, at least cosmetically, but the reality is that it may be saddled with problems.

You should now look at the property itself and how it was treated. You should be able to tell whether it was maintained regularly. If it looks run down from the outside, it is likely that the inside isn’t in a much better condition either. Check the wiring as well. Only a qualified electrician can identify real problems, but you can have a general look. If lights flicker or outlets are warm, there is a chance that the wiring is faulty. If you notice that only a few of the walls have been painted recently, it is possible that the owners are trying to hide something. Next, look closely at the windows. If there are signs of condensation or windows don’t open properly, it could be a sign of serious damage that will cost you a lot to repair.Naturally, never view a property that you are not allowed to see in full. Additionally, if you notice that any structural work has been done, such as the removal of walls or floors, you need to find out whether that work was done properly by a qualified architect.

The bottom line is that you should never purchase a property without having it professionally inspected. However, the hints and tips above should tell you whether or not it is worth investing in an inspection at all. If any problems are present, you can choose to walk away from the property, or you can request a huge discount on the purchase price so you can arrange the necessary repairs. Do also consider the opinion of your home inspector. The goal of professional home inspectors is to make sure that you can truly get your dream home, and not some sort of money pit disaster.

Major Requirements In Finding Selling a Property Explained

Trouble-free Tips When Thinking Of Selling a House

A lot of people are actually investing in real estate as they think that they could earn money through this. If you may buy a house for a specific price today, it is going to be more pricey in the next couple of yours if the real estate market will be stable. Before you do this, you must first understand how hard it’s to sell a property. You can see tons of articles stating that they could actually sell a house quickly or there are ads that will tell you that they could sell it in a few weeks or months. You may bring the value down, but this is not the right thing to do.

You could say that the supply fully surpasses the demand in the real estate market, but you can find different methods to successfully sell your house. We’re going to provide you a few simple recommendations on how to do this.

Check The Curb Appeal of your home

First impression lasts so your property should give a good impression to the customers once they stop in front of the property. You could put yourself in the shoes of the customer and see if the curb appeal of your house is good enough to draw in buyers. You must figure out if the house can offer an excellent impression to prospective customers or it needs maintenance.

The potential customers will first see the outside of the house. You need to know that they always focus on curb appeal. Get everything ready and fix whatever you must fix in the house.

Make Some Upgrades to The House

You should make the essential enhancements inside and outside of your house to make sure that you could attract the buyers. They always want a complete package when buying a house so you must make certain repairs. If you’re the seller, you need to make certain that you may fix everything. Even so, you must not over enhance the house because there are some improvements that will not really make a huge difference to the asking price of the house. Upgrades can increase the value of your house and its chances to be sold, but you can’t make any improvements that will not benefit you in any way. You must do your homework and only invest on things that can offer the best return.

Depersonalize Your property

Some folks say that adding more designs to your house will increase its odds of being sold, but you have to remember that personal items, collectibles and art works have to be removed because they will not really help in selling the house.

The best thing that one could actually do is to eliminate all of them and only leave the necessary furniture to help make the rooms a bit larger. The goal is to enable the buyers to imagine or picture themselves in your home.

They will begin pointing at every part of the house while visualizing what they need to put there if they will buy the house so you should make certain that unneeded and personal items will probably be eliminated.

Put a Reasonably competitive Value For Your house

If you want to sell a home in Sacramento, California, you will need to put a competitive price for your house. If you’ll put a lower value, it is going to be similar to leaving money on the table and putting a high price will make it unappealing to buyers.

With regards to home buying, the buyers will always look at the homes which are similar with yours and they’ll compare the prices. If your house is too costly for them, they will just ignore your property.

You must know that most of the customers are only depending on home financing so they will not pick a house that is too expensive. If you value it too low, you will probably be able to sell the house, but do not assume that your investments will be returned.

Locate A Real Estate Agent

If you believe that you could sell your house on your own, you’re making a mistake. If you are not a professional real estate agent, don’t even think about selling your property because you don’t have the knowledge and experience to do so.

If you’ll do this on your own, you will not be able to sell your house or you could get a bad deal for it. You may get fortunate and find a good deal for your house, but you should keep in mind that selling a property is not about fortunate since we’re talking about a huge amount of money.

It is best to employ an agent and let them handle everything. You’ll need to pay them, but it’s always better than acquiring a bad deal for the house.

Before you choose to sell your house, you should look at all of these simple tips so you will not make a mistake. The real estate market is extremely complicated so you must know everything and anything about this prior to selling your house.

Is Excellent Curb Appeal Enough To Get Your House Sold? Not Entirely, But Without It, You Don’t Stand a Chance. Here’s How To Spruce Up Your Front Lawn Fast, So You Can Sell Your Home For More Money

In life, there is nothing more important than first impressions; same goes for when you are selling your house. A buyer wants to be excited when they drive up to their home. You don’t want your home’s first impression to include weeds, dead flowers, rusty street numbers, or broken porch furniture. If your home looks like this from the outside, more than likely, the buyer will not go into the inside. It is so unfortunate when a seller doesn’t take the time to make simple fixes to the exterior of the home, as they are running off many buyers.

The first thing to do, is grab a notepad, call a trusted friend and ask them to stand with you outside of your home and give their honest opinion of what you should replace, fix, or add. Likely, they will be willing to give complete honesty, as you are selling your home so it won’t matter if they give you advice that you might not like, as they know you’ll be receptive to it.

When you stand outside, really take the time to examine it. Ask your friend, if she were to purchase the home, what would she change? View the exterior of the home as if you had never seen it. Sometimes, this can be very overwhelming, especially if the exterior isn’t in great shape. It can be stressful when you aren’t quite sure where to begin. Here are some tips to help:

Address numbers castlefrank

Switching out the address numbers on your home can make a very positive impact. Be sure to choose a font, color, and sheen that flows with the style of your home, otherwise it will look odd, and stand out in a bad way.

Front Door

It is very important to have a fresh paint of coat on the door. Perhaps you need to switch it entirely, depending on how bad of shape the door is in. Again, when choosing the color and sheen, go with what works with the exterior of your home. There are times when it might be a great idea to use a bold color on the door, for example if your home is painted all white.

Porch Furniture beautiful-greenery-backyard-patio-with-gorgeous-pottery-barn-omaha-ne-seating-area-set-under-ancient-pendant-lamp

Porch furniture is very important, and shouldn’t be overlooked. If the porch is empty, you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on new porch furniture. There are too many options when it comes to finding nice porch furniture that won’t cost a fortune. If you do have porch furniture that has worn paint, you can also just re-paint, or re-spray it yourself. Porch furniture is essential to making the exterior of the home look inviting.

Porch Lighting b60a0afa0e7b98bb33f051c6b0776b72

It is a good idea to consider updating lighting fixtures. If they don’t need to be updated, be sure to clean the glass on the inside and out, so that the glass is transparent instead of fuzzy. Some lighting options are sconces, pendant lights, or recessed lighting. There are so many options today; the point is to make sure that the lighting matches the style of the home.

Side yard

The side yard is equally as important as the front yard. Consider adding a nice fence, weeding, replace any broken stones, or even add a new path to the back yard. At the very least, make sure that the side yard looks neat, and well-kept.

Front lawn

You do not usually want a ‘bare’ front yard. Adding plants and flowers are extremely important. You do not need to go overboard in this department and spend a lot of money. It only requires a quick trip to Home Depot or Lowe’s to get some fresh flowers and nice pots. Choose flowers that represent the area you live in. Examine your neighbors yards and try to blend in with theirs. You want the exterior of your home to look great, but you don’t want to make it stand out too much, and you also don’t want it to look exactly like your neighbors. It’s a fine line, but you’ll find it!



The garage door (if you have one) is equally as important as the front door. If you need a new garage door altogether, or if it just needs fresh paint, now is the time to invest in those things. A garage with chipped paint or rust is not a good luck, and is easily corrected.

Porch floor composite-porch-floor-1f

If your front porch is looking dull, and the old paint is cracking, it is important to re-do it. Perhaps it needs to be stripped and completely repainted, or it just needs fresh paint in general. Whatever the case, the front porch appearance is vital.

Door hardware

This is something many sellers overlook. New door knockers and knobs are not expensive, and will easily spruce up the exterior of the home.


This Might Surprise You, But Your Bathroom Can Actually Sell Your House. Here’s How To Stage Your Bathroom To Impress Buyers, And Make Them Want YOUR House Over All The Others

Aside from kitchens, buyers love bathrooms, specifically the master bath. There are great, easy ways to instantly make your bathroom appeal to buyers. The number one key to do this is to make your bathroom feel like a ‘spa,’ so that when a buyer walks in, they feel as if they have just walked into a luxurious hotel bathroom. People spend most of their time in the bathroom. People love to take a fresh shower before work and come home and take a hot bath afterward, to unwind from their day. The bathroom is usually the most ‘sacred’ room in a home. a87db2a93cc4

The reality is that most homeowners could change some things in the bathroom. When selling your home, you do not need to do a complete renovation to make a difference in your bathroom. Aside from the fact, that it doesn’t usually reap much profit, considering the amount of money you’ll put into re-modeling.

One decorating trick is to use all white; this instantly makes the bathroom feel larger and nicer. Here are some great ways to make your bathroom appeal to buyers without breaking the bank.

Clear off all countertops and shelves

The removing or hiding of everyday toiletries and other miscellaneous bathroom items will make all the difference. Even a friend or houseguest doesn’t want to see them, so certainly, someone looking to pay hundreds of thousands to purchase your home doesn’t either. It can also be very awkward for them to see certain products, and you don’t want to make the potential buyer uncomfortable. bathrooms2

Remove cleaning products

Remove all items bathroom maintenance. These things include toilet cleaners, trash cans, cleaning products, and bath mats. Be sure to also put away spare toilet paper rolls. These do not help with the ‘spa’ effect that you are trying to achieve.

Increase your storage

Buyers want to see how much storage is in the home, and especially in a bathroom. They will be opening your medicine cabinets, cupboards, and cabinets under the sink. Space sells. Equally as important, is making sure that anything that is still in these spaces are organized neatly. Store your everyday items in a pretty bin, that you can take out in the morning and at night. You can easily find these organizing bins at any department store.Unknown


These upgrades might include repainting the walls, replacing leaking and worn taps, updating the cabinet hardware, installing new light fittings and updating towel bars. If you don’t need to do this, congratulations, because most sellers do!

Clean thoroughly

There is no sense in upgrading or adding anything into your bathroom if ie64f6556bf024599c6fded07124c0756t is dirty. Everything in the bathroom must be clear of dirt, dust, and other debris. This creates the impression that you maintain your house.

Hang luxurious towels

A bathroom can be instantly enhanced just by adding new, soft towels. Towels never look the same when washed, so it is important that you buy new ones; you can use your old ones for everyday; only put out the towels that you have never used.

Flowers make an instant impact, as they add instant color. Don’t go crazy with the flowers. If you have a small bathroom, just one vase is enough. If you have a larger bathroom, consider adding two vases; orchids also are always a good choice, especially since you won’t have to re-buy them throughout the selling process, as they last for quite some time if you take care of them.

Has Your Home Been Listed For Far Too Long? Here Are Some Possible Reasons That Your House Isn’t Selling, And What You Can Do To Change That

Unfortunately, many sellers either don’t want to come to terms with the fact that they are charging too much for their home, for example. In other cases, it can be due to a bad realtor that isn’t giving real feedback to the seller, or spending enough time on their client. In either case, here are some of the general reasons as to why a home has been listed on the market for a long time, and hasn’t moved. sacramento-home-for-sale

One reason your house isn’t selling, is that you simply are trying to charge far more than your house is worth. This is a tough area for sellers to grasp. Many are unwilling to lower the price when their realtor suggests them to. If you want to sell your home quickly, usually the best strategy is to lower the price of the home early on, wait a few months, and then lower it again. You should also check for what the other homes in your neighborhood have been selling for recently.

overpriced-house-for-saleThis should give you a good indicator as to whether or not you have your home listed too high. Unfortunately, sometimes the market is in such a place that the homes just aren’t selling for much, even when they are worth more. If you do not have to sell right away, it might be best to consider waiting to sell it until the market goes back up. It is never a bad idea to have an appraiser come before you list the home to give you an idea of what it might sell for.

Some realtors have many clients. If they have many listings that are listed for much more money than yours, they’ll probably put you last on the list in terms of their time. Or some just lack the knowledge of how to sell a home. Perhaps they do not know much at all about the market, how to negotiate, or lack people skills.

6c9217589f695be916ef34a091bc3092Open communication with your realtor is crucial, as real estate is the business of people; you must be a people people person. On the opposite spectrum, it could be that your realtor is not returning the buyer’s agents phone calls. If you notice any of these problems, you should hire a different realtor.

It is important to understand that buyers do not see your home in the same light as you do. Most sellers love their home and think it is perfect. Most of the time, sellers are unwilling to lower their price, even when their agent has cautioned them that it won’t sell if they don’t. It is important to remain neutral, and emotionally unattached when coming up with the list price.

White lies, intentional or not, leave buyers with a bad taste in their mouths. Inevitably, the truth always comes out. When you lie about small things, such as saying that you have a spacious kitchen when it is actually on the smaller side. Buyers will feel cheated, and upset that they have invested their time into the home before they’ve even seen it.

It is a very bad idea to list your home whilst you are in the middle of doing any minor or large repairs to your home. Buyers want to purchase already completed homes. Also, if the home is in the middle of a re-model, they aren’t going to know what the end-result will look like, and wonder if they’ll still like the room that you are re-doing.

Not marketing the house enough is another reason. This error can be made on either your part or the realtors, you’ll both be at fault. You must ask your realtor if they have listed your home on certain websites such as Trulia and Zillow. You’re also responsible for marketing your house. They can’t constantly be tweeting about your home. You’ll have to put some work in, too.

Does The Psychology Behind Home Staging Really Work? It Sure Does. Read Here to Find Out Why Home Staging Works, And How You Can Implement It In Your Own House

80c7556698d57b3bd45558e6f12f286fDecorators specialize in creating a psychological impact on a buyer based on aesthetics. This allows the buyer to be able to imaging themselves living in the home, rather than seeing the current owner’s personality in the home. In fact, one of the largest mistakes a seller can make is as simple as not removing personal belongings such as family photographs, pet items, and toiletries in the bathroom. Home stagers specialize in creating a neutral atmosphere. Read More.

Focus on clearing out excess clothing in the closets, removing kitchen items off of the cabinets, hiding personal items in places such as the bathroom or nightstand, and the putting away of pet or children’s toys. While this can be a nuisance to a seller, especially when they are still living in the home, it will make all the difference. It also will make it easier on you when you have to move, as you will be partially packed away! For more information check here.

Many sellers wonder what rooms to focus on when it comes to staging and de-cluttering; the short answer is every one of them. Generally, this is not always possible, especially since staging all rooms can be quite expensive when hiring a professional stager. Don’t forget, that decorators are not necessarily expensive; there are many out there that focus on clients who have smaller budgets. Find out more here.

If the seller cannot focus on every room, the necessary ones are the entryway, kitchen, living room, master bedroom, and family room. Keep in mind, that the entryway is one of the most important areas to invest in. The yard and entryway can be considered as the “first impressions” of the home, and first impressions are extremely important in selling a home, as well as in many aspects of life in general. 60 Gorgeous Master Bedroom Designs @styleestate

Buyers want to see how much storage a home has. This is another reason why it is so important to go ahead and de-clutter medicine cabinets, closets, kitchen cabinets, the laundry room, and storage closets (and an attic if you have one).

The flooring throughout your home is also another area that you need to consider. If you have stained carpet, have it professionally cleaned. If the floors are scratched, try touching them up, or finding methods to remove light scratches, or stains. Some flooring materials can be buffed to undo wear.

Another great tip is to set the dining table. Put out your nice china, silverware, napkin linens, and candlesticks if you have them. This is another way that the buyer can see themselves living in the home, as it makes the space more inviting. Many homeowners love to entertain, and setting this atmosphere will make a big difference. image129_thumb

Don’t forget to add fresh flowers throughout the home. Choose the color according to the design of the room. If it is a very classic, traditional room, sunflowers are obviously are not a good choice. Remember to replace the flowers as your home is being shown, as it will have a counter effect if the flowers are wilted and dying, with dirty water.

If you are lucky enough to have a fireplace in your home, consider lighting it if you are selling during the winter months. Nothing gives off a cozier feeling than a warm fireplace, fresh flowers, and candles. Be sure that the candles are a light scent, as you do not want the smell to be overpowering.

Be sure to let light come into the home. If the home is being shown during the day, open blinds and curtains, as this will create a ‘happy’ effect, as well as make the rooms appear larger. If you are showing the home at night, consider turning on all lamps and leaving the overhead lights off, as this will create a calming effect. Just be sure the home doesn’t look like a cave, and use common sense when determining how much or how little lighting there is. image89_thumb1

Be sure to perform any small touch-ups that the home needs. If the front doorknob is shaky, replace it. When there are many touchups that need to be done, the buyer takes into account the things they will need to fix. Again, it also shows that the home was not maintained well, as you didn’t take the time to fix small, easily fixed areas.

If you cannot afford a home stager, consider hiring one to come in to do a consultation. They will usually charge them by the hour, and it is worth it to pay someone for 2 hours to give you great advice that you can take notes on, and complete what you can on your own. When it comes to staging and advice on how to decorate, the internet can be your best friend!